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What is a DIY workshop by CraftPower?
Watch our short introduction video with CraftPower's ex-student Daniel:

What we provide.

As well as offering our incursions, we are now able to supply Do-It-Yourself Kits. These models could be used for special events such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Open Evenings or School Holiday Programs.


If you lack space at your school, or have trouble finding the time for an incursion, then this could be the solution.


We will provide you with all the pre-cut and pre-drilled raw materials together in one big order. We will place all the individual kits in one large shipping order. This will be cheaper for you as the total volume of the shipping will be much smaller through the post.


Each pack comes with easy to follow step-by- step illustrated instructions.


Orders need to be placed at least a week in advance in order for supplies to be made and delivered. 


Minimum order of 5 kits for design

What you need to do.

All you will need to supply are easy to find tools such as hammers, pliers, 20mm nails, goggles, PVA glue and some models require a hot glue gun and a screwdriver.

icon hammer icon plier icon safety goggle icon screwdriver


Organise a small group to achieve quality results.

All you need to do when receiving this order is putting your individual kits together and paint your projects upon completion.

Not for children under 3 yrs.

Adults supervision is required for all projects !

Have fun, roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, good luck !



To order, please click on the link below to download the Order Form with DIY Price List.

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Download DIY Price List


Minimum order of 5 kits for design.

( if you just need 3 or 4 different kits please open Family DIY page : )


Craftpower DIY Online Order Form

Available Options:

1. Formula-1 (suitable for Year 3-8)



2. 3D Cars (suitable for Year 3-8)



3. Birdhouse (suitable for all ages)



4. Windmills (suitable for all ages)



5. Three Little Pigs Houses (suitable for all ages)



6. Moving Cars (suitable for all ages)

Wonderjet: (suitable for Prep-Year 2)

Helicar: (suitable for Prep – Year 6)

Tornado: (suitable for Year 3-6)

Jaguar: (suitable for Year 3-6)



7. Mini Billy Carts (suitable for all ages)

Push-Cart (push & pull 4 Wheel Cart)
Go-Cart (powered by friction gearbox Cart)



8. Build-a-Bike (suitable for Gr.1-6) New icon



9. Clocks (suitable for Year 3-6)

(Suitable for Prep- Year 2)


(Suitable for Year 3-6)



10. Solar Rockets (suitable for all ages)



11. Solar Aeroplanes (suitable for all ages)

(Suitable for Prep- Year 2)


(Suitable for Year 3-6)



12. Building Cranes (suitable for Year 3-8)



13. Catapults (suitable for Year 3-6)



14. Magnetic Theatre (suitable for all ages)



15. Toys with 2 blinking LEDs or a Glob (suitable for all ages)




16. Robots (Suitable for Year 3-8)



17. Train (suitable for Year 3-8)



18. Building Truck (suitable for Year 3-8)



19. Wood decorating art (suitable for all ages)

Make pictures on wood ! No tools required !

Children will sand, draw and paint artwork pictures on wood. Then they attach a string to hang their pictures up on the wall.



20. Road Safety (suitable for all ages)

Help your children to develop Road Safety Skills !

Children will make and take home their own road safety signs.

Road safety learning is most effective when it involves practical activities that take place in on-road situations. Learning about road rules and safety can be fun as children build their own signs to create an authentic road system.

Children select a pre-cut template from a variety of 12 common road signs and using hammers, pliers, nails and glue, will construct their own traffic signs.



21. Kids Tool Box (suitable for all ages)


22. Clock Tower (suitable for Year 3-6)



23. Fairy Tales House (suitable for all ages)



Adults supervision is required for all projects !

Minimum order of 5 kits for design

( if you just need 3 or 4 different kits please open Family DIY page: )


Download DIY Price List


Craftpower DIY Online Order Form

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