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Hello everyone!

My name is Inna Sirota and I’d like to shake your hand and welcome you to MUSIC TREASURES.

I am a qualified music and primary school teacher.
I have been working with young children overseas and over 15 years in Australia.
My music life is very busy. Music is my job, my hobby and one of my loves.
After all the years working with young children and developing music materials, I still am in love with music.
Since we cannot meet in person at this time, here is friendly chat to help you get to know MUSIC TREASURES.


  • Term based thematic approach
  • An overview of previous learnt material and short introduction to the coming term (for teachers, parents & guardians)
  • Age based methodology
  • Constant eye contact with the participants (children and parents, if presents)
  • Multilevel dimensions of learning: visual, audible, kinesthetic, engagement
  • Fantasizing is vital: imagination vs. toy copies of the real object, using my own voice through ‘Bobby Dobby’
  • Acting skills: face and body play (mimics, role modelling, gestures, and movements)
  • Education is a compulsory element:  no learning -- no lessons
  • Each lesson is highly structured and organized:  activity timing
  • Improvisation inside the structure in tune with the group atmosphere/ flexible
  • lesson  plans depending on group atmosphere
  • Regular welcome routine
  • Learning aids are compulsory
  • Use of wide variety of songs and rhymes: we work on repertoire, create our own
  • Enjoyable rewards at the end of each lesson (e.g. hand stamps).

Music Treasures is an exciting preschool music program offered in Child Care Centres and Kindergarten   environments.
Children are introduced to the exciting world of music through singing, rhythm and listening activities.
Group instruction enhances development of listening awareness, fine motor skills, attention span and social skills.

The goal of the program is to provide an introduction to the exciting world of music to the very young child.
The focus of the program is in rhythm, singing movements, playing musical games and musical instruments.
The program covers 4 terms (9 weeks in each term).


Babies and Toddlers (for children aged 9 months – 2 yrs. old.)
This group is designed to develop the confidence of the primary care giver so that they can share a love for music with the young children in their care.
Music classes really help to extend the vocabulary and the child will listen joyfully to playful sounds and speech games initiated by music teacher.
Movement repertoire --- rocking, finger plays, foot plays, crawling, seat sliding, rolling, toddling.

Two year olds.
Kids love songs with their name in them, songs with animal sounds, personal songs about me or my clothing, toys etc.
Finger songs and rhythm instruments are popular and they need lots of movement. Puppets and a variety of other props are used to stimulate the children’s imagination.
These groups are mainly for two year olds but any preschooler would benefit and have fun in this groups.


Three – Five year olds.
Children love cumulative songs and songs that express feelings.
Children enjoy rhythm sticks -- to play their name, what they like to eat, etc. Being in rhythm is great fun. Kids can perform simple beat actions and are best kept to short repeated activities. Enjoy “learning activities” --- pointing to the beat, etc.

Four – Five year olds have a good sense of humor and love funny songs.
Here the elements of music are made conscious through stimulating games and visual reinforcement. The children are continually experimenting and practicing skills & becoming familiar with musical terms.
The lesson has more structure and the children practice skills such as one to one correspondence, left to right reading and other skills which not only develop their understanding of music but help prepare them for kinder and school.

A qualified teacher will come to you on a regular weekly basis to present and hold the class.

Inna brings challenging and entertaining props, varieties of percussion instruments, puppets, etc.

Live music is provided by teacher along with electronic piano during each lesson.

The session will last 30 minutes for children aged 2-3 yrs, 3-4 yrs, 4-5 yrs.

Babies and toddlers session lasts about 15 minutes.

A maximum of 15-20 children per class.


1) Permanent ongoing sessions (same day, same time, every week):                                  

$50 per 30 minutes session.
$25 per 15 minutes session.

2) Casual incursions (once or more per year on selected days):

$60 per 30 minutes session.
$30 per 15 minutes session.

Minimum bookings - 3 X 30 min. or 4 X 15 min. sessions a day essential due to transport, set up and pack up.

3) School Holiday program:

4-7 year old - $100 for 45 minutes session
8-12 year old - $125 for 1 hour session

Minimum bookings - 2 sessions a day essential.


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